Less Random: StreetPass DC Unites Nintendo 3DS Owners

It’s a great idea — in theory.

You get two Nintendo 3DS owners within 100 feet of each other and suddenly the systems automatically swap game data. There’s a new piece to the puzzle you’re trying to finish, a new opponent to play against in Dead or Alive: Dimensions, or some fresh weapons to purchase in Heroes of Ruin.

The problem is that many Nintendo 3DS owners in the D.C. area don’t often get within 100 feet of each other. Outside the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s upcoming GameFest 2.0 or the annual MAGFest festival, the data swapping facilitated by the system’s StreetPass functionality doesn’t happen very often.

And that’s where StreetPass DC comes in.

This grassroots group of local gamers, part of the larger StreetPass Network, holds monthly events that unite Nintendo 3DS owners. Gatherings usually draw anywhere from 15 to 25 people, yielding a feast of StreetPass data for those who might otherwise go hungry.

StreetPass DC makes the whole StreetPass system less random — and fosters a lively Nintendo community in the process.

StreetPass DC, which debuted in early 2011 alongside the Nintendo 3DS launch, continues to grow in numbers and profile as the system’s popularity increases. The group has been repeatedly supported by Nintendo, and it’s worked this year with the Smithsonian American Art Museum to run monthly meetups for the duration of The Art of Video Games exhibition.

That exhibition ends soon, but not before one last celebration. GameFest 2.0, a sequel to the exhibition’s kickoff GameFest event, is set for Saturday, Sept. 8. StreetPass DC will be there in force, helping people swap data, giving away cool prizes and forging new friendships.

Because connecting people is what StreetPass is all about.

For more info about what StreetPass DC is doing at GameFest 2.0, click here. You can keep the group on your radar going forward by liking their Facebook page, following their Twitter account, or circling their Google+ page. Their video feed on YouTube isn’t half bad, either.


Joshua Lynsen is the founder of StreetPass DC and StreetPass Network. He’s a public relations professional and the most hardcore casual gamer you’ll ever meet. He also likes ninjas. They’re totally better than pirates.

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    Nick Oehlberg September 4, 2012 at 12:34 pm #

    I hope to see more youtube videos for DC in the future. It would be nice to see what your events are like.

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