When the subject of getting business cards printed came up, I was immediately turned off by the idea of going the traditional route and slapping our logo, job titles, and contact info on a 3.5 x 2 inch piece of paper. I felt Random Nerds deserved better and our company should have something that represents our culture. In other words, I didn’t want to print something crappy for the sake of conforming to a dated social norm.#

So, without further ado, please take a look (and be immensely jealous of) the trading card-style business cards we produced with Friendly Design Co. and Jamie Noguchi.


Joe Corbett Trading Card - Front
Joe Corbett Trading Card - Back

I was pretty blunt about it: I wanted to be Deadpool. Aside from the horribly disfigured face, I can really relate to him and his antihero attitude. Plus he’s freakin’ hilarious.#

Bryce Rudow Trading Card - Front
Bryce Rudow Trading Card - Back

Bryce may have the flowing gold locks of an Asgardian prince, but there’s just a bit of The Comedian’s practiced cynicism getting repressed there too.#

Charles Bramesco Trading Card - Front
Charles Bramesco Trading Card - Back

As one of our nerdiest nerds, Charles wanted to look more agile than strong. He gets by on his wits and telekinetic powers instead of muscles. Also, he’s a pretty big fan of the Black Bolt.#


I hope you enjoyed the origin series of the Random Nerds team business trading cards, and you can bet your ass we’re ‘man’ enough to release a Hawkeye Initiative series in the future. Stay nerdy, everyone.

The Hawkeye Initiative