Last weekend, I had the pleasure of joining my fellow random nerd Marcus Dowling on the Chunky Glasses podcast to help interview Columbia, Maryland’s K.A.A.N.:

Those that read our Some Songs Considered column know we’ve been repping K.A.A.N, née Brandon Perry, pretty hard ever since he first came on the scene last year…

K.A.A.N. is one of the most talented rappers I have heard in years, but even that high praise is doing him a disservice.
He’s not just some future product of the hype machine, he’s one of those people that will make you fall in love with music all over again.

…so it was an absolute pleasure getting to sit down and talk with him.

We go over his unique background, his even more unique DIY ethos, and the random butterfly effects that have gotten him to where he’s at now. Check it out, and learn more about an artist USA Today recently declared one to watch out for in 2016: