At the end of 2013, I decided to create a space for writers who were concerned about issues of race, class, and culture — something that felt and sounded different than anything that was out there. Medium gave me that opportunity, and I officially started Culture Club in January, 2014. Who knew this country would explode soon thereafter, and these topics, for better or worse, would be all the rage?

I published pieces like this and this and this. I’m proud of each and every one, but mostly I’m psyched that I’ve been able to champion relatively unknown voices. That was my intention from the start because I believe that everyone has something to say and oftentimes people who have nothing to lose say it best. Some of my writers got their first real exposure via my collection before going on to write for much more well-known outlets; some exposed the collection.

I accomplished what I set out to do in 2014 and as 2015 gets underway, I’m happy to announce my collaboration with Random Nerds. I constantly think about new ways to get Culture Club’s powerful and unique voices out there, so when the rad guys at RN offered to bring us on board, I jumped at the opportunity. The RN audience will now get to hear from one Culture Club writer every single week about the most relevant issues in the country right now.

We’re happy to be here. Thanks for having us.

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