A few weeks ago, I wrote an entry for Random Nerds’ Half-Baked Ideas to Save the World series about an idea on how to get college students registered to vote this election season. In the weeks since, some amazing people have helped bake it further, and this thing is now actually, seriously happening.

As my article explains, the first step in this journey of a few hundred thousand potential voters is getting Boston College’s student body registered to vote – which means this really starts with getting Boston College’s alumni base to donate stuff that will incentivize these students to do so.

And that means hoping those alumni will CLICK ON THIS LINK and signup…

Below is a letter I’ve been spamming my fellow Boston College Class of 2009 alums with, but if you happen to know any Eagles, of any age, who’d be willing to help us set the world aflame this election season, please (please please) feel free to pass it along.


Hi fellow Class of 2009er!

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Bryce Rudow. In late January, I wrote an article for the website I help run titled “A (Half-Baked) Plan to Get Every College Student Registered to Vote.”

In it, I essentially took the Ice Bucket Challenge model and wondered, “What if Boston College could get every one of its students registered to vote, and then they challenged Harvard to do the same? If Harvard was able to do it, they could then challenge Yale, and so on, and so on, until every college student was registered to vote by this year’s general election.”

The trick, though, was figuring out how to get all those BC students registered to vote in the first place.

That’s where YOU, my fellow BC alum, come into this admittedly half-baked idea…


The article asked, “What if we alumni pooled our collective resources and created tangible incentives to get students to register to vote (like, say, a pile of cash dangled in front of the student concert budget big enough to lure Drake to Conte Forum, or a pile of Red Sox/Yankees tickets we could raffle off)?” If every BC student did get themselves registered to vote, we could shower our baby Eaglets with these due rewards; if a group of apathetic students held out, we alumni wouldn’t have to give anyone anything.

It would be like an all-or-nothing carrot on a stick.

To make a long story short, some awesome friends with powerful ovens ended up reading this half-baked plan and offered their services if we were serious about making this a fully-baked reality. By the next day I was on a Skype call with the UGBC president, Thomas Napoli (who is great, by the way), and we began to hatch our plan…


UGBC (et al.) will be handling most of the student mobilization and actual registration, while my job (as well as that of any willing volunteers) is to wrangle up incentives from the alumni to tempt the student body with.

With the help of some wonderful point-people (one of whom probably sent you this email), we decided to use the Class of 2009 as our case-study. That way, we have something to point to when we blast this campaign out to the greater BC alumni network.


For now, all we’re asking is that you click this link and fill in this basic form with your name, email, etc.


Once we get everyone in the system, we’ll make sure to reach out and let you know how you can help the young men and women of Chestnut Hill truly set the world aflame this election season.

Thank you so much, and Go Eagles,