Alex Tebeleff is more commonly known around DC as “Alex from Paperhaus,” the name of both his infamous DIY house venue and his band#, which has been a staple of the city’s music scene for years. He also runs DCDIT, a community-focused music nonprofit, and is ultimately one of the biggest champions this city’s musicians have. Whenever we’re around each other, Alex and I have a habit of getting lost in hour-long conversations (that sometimes turn into friendly debates) about DC bands, the industry, or even just local behind-the-scenes gossip.

And somehow, Songbyrd Music House is letting us use their fancy equipment to put some of those conversations on tape in a new podcast about the DC music scene that we are calling: Hard Love, Tough Feelings.#

For this inaugural episode, Alex and I had on Luke Stewart (of Laughing Man#, Trio OOO#, Capitol Bop, Union Arts) and Jamal Gray (Nag Champa#, CMPVTR CLVB) to ponder a question that Jamal once asked Alex via the comments section of a DCDIT Facebook event before they ever even met:

Where are the black artists?

As my fellow well-intentioned, semi-informed white co-host Alex put it, “I wanted to better understand the black experience in our music scene in DC, and I felt it was important to get Luke and Jamal’s voices out there on the subject. Luke and Jamal are both not only artists in our scene, but promoters and curators as well, so I think they have a uniquely informed opinion on this subject from experience.”


Enjoy, and make sure to check out Songbyrd’s concert calendar. Or just go in there and get a Linden Bully#; they’re delicious.