The internet is a monster eating its own tail when it comes to sites ‘aggregating’ content from one another in an effort to poach site traffic. However, since Random Nerds gets zero money from your precious clicks#, I don’t feel as bad occasionally highlighting content from other sites who have come out with something cool. If, for some reason, someone does Patronize money to this post, I promise to forward it to Ezra Klein.

This is “I’m Aggregating This Because…”


Syria is probably the news topic worth being well-versed in, but it’s also undoubtedly one of the most mind-boggling. And unfortunately, the Syria entry for my News for the Well-Intentioned, Semi-Informed Layperson series is over a year old.

However, thanks to Max Fisher of Vox, there’s this handy explainer video that should Syria-sly help you wrap your head around this whole clusterfrak of a situation:

Header image courtesy of Carlos Latuff