Yesterday I read the news on TIME about UBER’s move to offer same-day delivery. Big news? Sure. But not shocking at all. If you know anything about UBER then you know they’re always looking for the next high-growth, on-demand market, so a move to disrupt the courier industry isn’t surprising. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t tons to talk about now that it’s happened.

I decided to dig deeper into this topic by calling up my friend and fellow entrepreneur Jim Kostro, who co-founded a shipping and logistics company in 2013 that now has over 120 employees and a projected revenue of over $5,000,000. With his immense understanding about the regulations in his industry and my propensity to always want to talk about autonomous drones, you could say we covered quite a bit in our quick conversation.

So give the inaugural episode of The More You Joe a listen, and learn a little something about the next industry on the brink of destruction thanks to the most (in)famous tech company on the planet.