The Messy Life is a podcast dedicated to exploring that murky quagmire known as existence. Each episode, Random Nerds Editor-in-Chief Bryce Rudow and his guests wade unflinchingly into the world’s most pressing problems and miry morasses.


In the early days of my tenure here at Random Nerds, I took a stab at hosting a regular podcast, which I called “Messy Life.” Not because it delved into ‘that murky quagmire known as existence,’ or because it acknowledged the more miry sides of life. To be honest, I mostly just wanted a reason to make Cap’n Jazz’s “Oh, Messy Life”# my own personal theme music.

However, as the newly-launched, official Random Nerds Podcast Network slowly came into view (/I heard the first episode of “Mind of the Wandering Monk”), I realized I needed to take better advantage of this unique auditory opportunity. So, for this (re)inaugural episode, I invited on one of our most thoughtful contributing editors, Justin McCarthy, to help me take the first steps on an intrepid new adventure into the great, disheveled unknown in hopes of discovering the tidy answers and well-groomed conclusions to some of life’s biggest messes.

First on the docket: health care reform, the “not-so-self-evident freedom to get fucked over and die alone,” the “tyranny of streaming services,” and the infuriating world of podcast sponsorships:

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