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I knew of Marcus Dowling well before I ever knew him. For years, “Marcus Dowling” was simply the name atop some of my favorite articles and columns, appearing in seemingly every DC outlet one can think of and blowing my mind wherever he went. I’d occasionally see him at shows or parties, but he was of a slightly older, slightly hipper generation that, at 24, I didn’t dare encroach upon.

As the aughts became the tens, however, it became apparent we were kindred spirits. We’d end up covering the same acts, we’d end up writing for the same outlets, we’d end up on the same podcasts. Eventually, we’d even end up getting to work together, resulting in some of my favorites pieces on Random Nerds.

Now, I’m fortunate enough to be able to give the man his own, well-deserved podcast series – “Getting Over, with Marcus Dowling.”

Yep. Staring Tuesday of next week, Random Nerds will be home to a bi-weekly podcast series hosted by Marcus Dowling and produced by Kevin Hill (of Chunky Glasses fame) dedicated to telling “the right story,” to quote Marcus himself.

“Because we broke the universe. And we broke traditional standards of how to get things done. I want to make sure these stories get told correctly.”

In this preview episode, I sat down with the two of them to talk about what that means exactly, how this all came together, and what we can look forward to in this inaugural season of Getting Over (SPOILER: the list of guests alone is ridiculous).

Enjoy, and make sure to check out the premiere episode – with special guest Oddisee# – next Tuesday!

“I created this thing, I call it The Monster.
It’s the thing you see if you connect with me on social media. It’s a giant blob that I feed every single day. I feed it content every single day. The human being sits all the way in the back and is either laying in bed or running or cooking or doing anything I’m doing when I’m not feeding this Monster.
The podcast gives me the opportunity to put the person in front of The Monster and sit on that giant mountain of content I have thrown into the world over the last 10 years…”
– Marcus K. Dowling