From a spring sunset we begin by stretching back through the past winter to what brought us here…

We start with a poem called “Sounds of Home,” then head to Ireland — once for adventure, and again for love — before ending up back home in the mountains of Vermont:

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We’re also lucky enough to have our musical guest, Mike the Guitar, take us for a ride on a Greyhound bus bound for Reno, followed by a trip to Portland for a date at the homeless shelter.

Consider this the moment before the clay pot that is this podcast, still spinning on the wheel as we mold it with our wet hands, is dressed in fire as it bakes in the kiln. After letting it dry, then painting it ten colors, we’ll probably get fussy and break the pot, then we’ll use those pieces for a mosaic heart glued to the front door of an apartment we can no longer afford. Nevertheless, let’s leave the future to mind itself, as we enjoy the present.