In early April, I booked a one-way ticket to St. Thomas from Providence, Rhode Island in order to join my friend Captain Phillip Gutowski and his First Mate Lexi Ossinger on a sailing adventure from St. Thomas, through Puerto Rico and the Bahamas, up to Boston, with stops in Florida and New York City along the way.

In this installment in our ongoing series of conversations, from Fajardo, on the eastern shores of Puerto Rico, the crew of Eclipse sits down to discuss the “alternative lifestyles” each member lives; the variations on how life can be lived show through in this discussion.

By lifting the veil, we hope to remove the sense of mysticism in being a wanderer:

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Crack a cold one and settle in, but be weary. You just might send in a resignation letter and set sail to find your own truth after listening.

Photo credit to @lexatron14