The day began with blueberry pancakes, with good friends. Then off we were, riding in an old Volkswagen van, to an iconic Vermont Sunday tradition: a performance by The Bread and Puppet Theater.

There, frog men and jugglers strolled about the grass. Singers sang in different languages. It rained, but the performance continued. Tubas played. Drums were slapped. Rants were ranted and dancers danced (I think I fell in love with the bongo player wearing the lip ring and black sunglasses, but don’t tell her that). After the show, I ended up hanging with a good friend, who explained how maybe the world could be saved by all of us being more okay with the occasional peeing of one’s pants.

More than anything, this is a mashup of a Sunday; written and recorded on the roads of home with the friends who make home a place:

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Use it as a formula for how life should be lived, or background noise while you’re cooking.


The Bread and Puppet Theater can be found here.

Music for this episode was provided by Shy Crooner, whose new album, Everything’s Rosy, can be found (and purchased) here.