Every year, when fall arrives, I mirror the arresting change from long, bright days into deep, black nights.

Existing on the edge of disappearance with my two dollar marble notebook, I find places beyond me that fit the way I think. Park benches take the place of friends. Beaches blanketed by blustery wind, speckled with only a handful of distant silhouettes, become the main boulevard. Somehow, in an all-too-busy life, there’s an abundance of time uncovered; each step forward holding a gentle sense of grace.

This episode brings you a shadow of the past season’s energy with a poetic burst, followed by a short essay written over a few days while crossing a few states — all with the help of music by my good friend Sarah Purcell, and her band The Frumms:

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Get cozy, stay strong, and listen for the echo of the valley howls.