March Madness is officially upon us (streaming options listed here). Thus, I feel preternaturally compelled to partake in the yearly ritual of throwing $20 to the college basketball winds in hopes of living out my very own Cinderella story.

Unfortunately, for as sharp as I am when it comes to gambling on things like the NBA and the NFL and presidential election cycles, I am inconveniently dull when it comes to this annual, much-anticipated competition.

Fortunately, I gotta NCAA guy…

This industry expert — who has to remain anonymous due to his being too close to the system — boasts years of hands-on experience with the maddening sport, and, more importantly, a distinguished history of lucrative March Madness brackets.

As you’ll see, there are more than a few notable upsets in this year’s almost-surefire, all-but-guaranteed-to-win, how-could-this-possibly-go-wrong bracket (e.g. Belmont, Murray State), but also an unequivocal acknowledgment this is a top-heavy year. There are some close calls sprinkled throughout (e.g. Tennessee, Houston), however, in general, it ultimately respects the seeding gods’ selections:

Now go out there and win some money off casual acquaintances and coworkers!


When people run in circles it’s a very, very mad world. Mad world.