Last month, I attended Moogfest, the 4-day music festival (or is it a music conference?) that took place in Durham, North Carolina. And while fellow journalist Alex Tebeleff and I have already shared our thoughts on the career-affirming event dubbed a “synthesis of music, art and technology,” I wanted to use this episode of Talking Like A Jerk as an opportunity to share some the eclectic auditory offerings of Moogfest through a collection of conversations (both had and overheard), sight-specific sounds, and progressive music.

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In chronological order, this podcast features:

  • The sounds of the Modular Marketplace
  • An on-site discussion with Kate Warren and Jack Inslee
  • Words from Phonte of The Foreign Exchange (from the panel “Music & Tech: Tools to Fight Mass Incarceration”)
  • A demonstration of the homemade “ndial” (photo below) by Peter Bussigel of the University of Virginia (from the Panel “A DIY Approach to Bridging Art, Music, Electronics, and Performance”)
  • A on-site discussion with Asha Maskiell Demarsh and Alex Tebeleff
  • A demonstration of DIY electronics (photo below) by composer, sound designer, and builder, Nicole Carroll (from the panel “A DIY Approach to Bridging Art, Music, Electronics, and Performance”)
  • An on-site discussion with Ian Dansey

All tunes from the episode can be found in the following playlist:

And for those who enjoy visual aids: