Random Nerds’ marbled home of Washington D.C. masks an underexposed music scene that’s extended well beyond the cultural touchstones of its go-go and punk roots yet still struggles to break out of its at-capacity borders.

For this podcast episode of Talking Like a Jerk, I tapped two of the city’s most loquacious minds — Marcus Dowling, cultural creative and concept designer behind Decades Nightclub, and Alex Tebeleff, DIY show organizer and member of such musical projects as Paperhaus and Black Lodge — to find out what’s holding our musicians back and explore how a select few artists have found a way to make it work.

Recorded in the heat of a D.C. summer, we also manage to drop every name etched on Ugly Hollywood’s Walk of Fame

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Most tunes used/mentioned in the episode can be found in the following playlist:



D.C. Artists Not on Spotify: