Immediately after LCD Soundsystem announced their rumored yet ultimately unexpected return in early 2016, the Random Nerds dance-punk braintrust — composed of Editor-in-Chief Bryce Rudow, contributing writer and editor Justin McCarthy, and I — wrote passionately about the emotions and consequences their reunion yielded. But now, after 18 months of festival headlining shows, sold out Brooklyn gigs, and quietly growing skepticism from critics and audiences, we finally have a new album: american dream.

To honor this occasion, I invited Justin and Bryce to reassemble, on mic, to dissect the high-stakes product of the band’s reunion and share what ended up being a mixed bag of satisfaction, disappointment, and enthusiasm; for ultimately american dream doesn’t undo the band’s legacy, it just revises it a little.

Tune in to our discussion as we check the charts and try to figure out where the band stands now (and don’t forget to subscribe to Talking Like a Jerk on iTunes!):

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All tunes used and mentioned in the episode can be found in the following playlist:


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