Moogfest — the 4-day festival celebrating electronic and experimental music in Durham, NC — wants attendees to be intelligent music consumers. Unlike your typical mega-festival, which attempts to numb the minds of audiences with a roster of market-tested, unprovocative mainstream acts, it provides an event where music is contextualized in culture and framed by dynamic discussion, self reflection, and collaboration.

For the second year, Alex Tebeleff and I drove down to cover all things Moogfest, but this time, instead of a written summary (like last year), we thought it more fitting to give you an audio recap of the weekend:

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In addition to introducing you to our new favorite artists (see: Caterina Barbieri and Aisha Devi), this episode also includes live audio from a few of our favorite sets and great interviews, including one with UK video and visual artist Dan Tombs on his collaborative process with electronic artist extraordinaire and Moogfest MVP, Jon Hopkins.

We also have a super-special, bonus interview with Tony Rolando; founder of the pioneering modular manufacturing company, Make Noise.

It is required listening for anyone interested in the industry of modular synthesis, both the current exemplar of independent music manufacturing and experimental music:

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All tunes from the episode can be found in the following playlist:

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