The music journalist with integrity is a modern rarity beset by obstacles: the slow death of their industry, defensive hostility from artists, and the easy temptation to lower their standards in the name of potential virality.

So, for this episode, I invited prolific writer Marcus Dowling and RN Editor-in-Chief Bryce Rudow to join me in choosing a recently-published piece of music journalism/writing that either exemplifies the underappreciated diligence of talented music writers or exposes the journalistic flops and cheap editorials that get published in our current era of hyperbolic clickbait and media commodification:

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Tune in, get briefed on Touré’s unsatisfying profile in Rolling Stone, “Migos: High Times and Heartache With the Three Kings of Hip-Hop,” Lindsay Zoladz of The Ringer’s contextual eye-opener, “All the Young Sadboys: XXXTentacion, Lil Peep, and the Future of Emo,” and Chris Richards’ cleverly-packaged exploration of award season failures for the Washington Post, “Repicking the last 38 Years of the Grammys,” and practice good media habits by subscribing on Apple Podcasts.

As always, I welcome your snarky thoughts and knee-jerk feedback on Twitter (@LindsayHogan88).