Until recently, my future-wife Mollie would come home from work and immediately ask me the same question every night as she walked into our apartment: “What happened in the news today while I was stuck at the office?” She knew one of the fortuitous side effects of me being chained to the internet at all times is that I’ve become a walking CNN ticker; #trending made man. But then, one fateful night, we stumbled upon the keen idea of putting this transformation of mine to good use.

Like a proud father, I present our brainchild to the world…

The Evening Commute

“The 5 biggest stories to break while your 9-5 was breaking you”


Every Monday-Thursday, The Evening Commute delivers the 5 biggest news stories of the day straight to your inbox; each one summarized in five sentences or less and written explicitly for you: the well-intentioned, semi-informed layperson who’s tired of getting tricked by maleficent algorithms and sponsored content into reading worthless crap while they make their way home or wind down for the night.

Each news story also comes with a bonus “Read More” recommendation (usually written by someone at a fancy newspaper or magazine) and, to help drown out your fellow commuters, a “While Listening To” musical accompaniment suggestion from Some Songs Considered editor Lindsay Hogan.

For the more visually-minded, it looks like this…


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See you on the Metro,
Bryce T. Rudow, Editor-in-Chief (@brycetrudow)