It is with all kinds of happiness that I get to introduce Random Nerds’ first ever world premiere of anything, Stronger Sex’s live music video for their song “Straight Shooter.”

Stronger Sex are a relatively new group out of DC built around charismatic frontman Johnny Fantastic who have already taken the District by storm. They burst onto the scene back in October with a single called “Love Is A Herring,” but really caught the city’s attention when their 6-song, self-titled EP was released a few months ago. Not to mention they put on a live show that is unlike anything in DC right now.

Johnny Fantastic, who calls Randy Newman “a huge influence,” blends Newman’s blunt earnestness with the showmanship of a Bowie/Wainwright lovechild, and every song has a beat that feels criminal not to dance to. I assume that’s why when they wanted to do a video for “Straight Shooter,” they skipped the traditional model and the well-produced audio tracks and said fuck it we’re doing it live.


Good luck trying to get “Turn on the lights and wake the neighbors!” out of your head…