Holiday shopping season is upon us, and that means you’re probably doing a lot of online shopping. There’s a good chance that some of that online shopping will be done via, everyone’s favorite online retailer and the genius behind such imaginary holidays as Amazon Prime Day.

And that means there’s a way for you to really help Random Nerds without exerting any additional effort or spending one extra cent in the process…

Presenting: Random Nerds’ “Shop Amazon” page!

Yep. We’ve launched a new “Shop Amazon” page that allows you, the Random Nerds loyalist, to search and purchase from the entire inventory of Amazon while ensuring Random Nerds receives a cut of every purchase you make.

Please note that the prices on our Amazon page are exactly the same as on (i.e. you’re not spending any extra money). Instead, this is money you are helping us poach from Big Amazon’s deep pockets. It may only be a few cents or occasionally even a few bucks if you’re splurging on that expensive DLSR, but nevertheless, it all adds up to money we can use to commission additional writers, pay our hosting bills, and throw great events (have you checked out NOLA Gaming Fest yet?!).

Supporting Random Nerds has never been easier, but if you need any ideas on what to get yourself your loved ones this year, just holler at me on Twitter @JoeCorbett. Remember, Capitalism isn’t perfect, but it can help us run what we think is a pretty great site.

Happy holidays! :-)