So what is this Patronizing thing we keep talking about and pushing you to use?

Well, interested party, it’s the primary revenue stream that keeps the lights on over here at Random Nerds — but we also happen to think it’s the financial model of the future.

Right now, almost all other media outlets in the world work like this:

  • Users are able to access content from a website for free.
  • That content is put together by a writer who is paid a predetermined, finite amount by that site’s parenting company.
  • That company gets the money to pay that writer by selling ad-space# to a bankrolling third-party, who is betting the invasive shittiness of their ads will be forgiven in exchange for access to that site’s ‘free’ content.
  • The more users who view that content (and thus that third-party’s shitty ads), the more money the website’s company makes off their ad-spending bankrollers.

Seems kind of inefficient, huh? Might lead to an influx of view-courting clickbait, right?

It’s also pretty damn unfair to that writer who actually came up with the content in the first place, since they’re the one driving all these financial transactions.

Here’s the model we at Random Nerds have proposed:

  • You, the user, are still able to access content for free.
  • That content is still put together by a writer who is paid actual money in exchange for their work by us (the company).
  • However, instead of that being the end of the financial arrangement, we’ve developed a one-of-a kind tipping engine that allows readers to ‘Patronize’ writers directly as a reward for their quality work. Any money received is split 49/49 between the writer and us (the other 2% goes to a predetermined charity that we choose each month).
  • That ad-space and that bankrolling third-party who doesn’t really care about you are left out of the equation entirely.

Now the only problem with this model, and the reason it’s not currently in vogue, is that it foregoes the financial reliability of selling your soul to the advertising devil.

Instead, it relies on you.

It may feel weird and a bit (ahem) patronizing at first to tell someone who worked their ass off on a piece that you think they deserve a whopping $1 extra for their trouble, but trust us, those $1’s add up. Just ask anyone who’s had a Kickstarter project funded.

To put it in perspective, think about the best article you’ve ever read online, one that really affected you. Most likely, the writer of that article was paid somewhere between $75 and $250 for it, if they were paid at all. Even if millions of other people were just as affected as you by their words, that $75-$250 is all they will ever receive in exchange for their life-changing words#.

That’s where Random Nerds’ unique Patronizing system comes in…

If our superstar of a writer Julian Kimble writes something that makes you see the world in an entirely new light and you think he deserves a $5 pat on the back, you can easily give it to him by clicking on the Patronize button at the bottom of that article.


Julian then gets a nice bonus to his paycheck, and you get to feel good because you supported a starving writer AND a needy charity.

And that, interested party, is not only how we keep the lights on over at Random Nerds, but how we hope to give the Internet back to the people who it was meant for in the first place: you, the real live human beings who got simplified into clicks somewhere along the way.

The Internet belongs to you, and it’s time to take it back.