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Meet Kyle Nimbus, aka The Mist, a DC Comics supervillain known by comic book fans as a Golden Age rogue of Starman. Nimbus was a scientist who created a device that allows him to turn his body into a gaseous form, an ability he’s used for various nefarious purposes over the years.


Meet Victor Zsasz, another DC Comics supervillain and one of Batman’s most infamous antagonists. He’s a certified psychotic serial killer# with a preference for knives and a compulsion to carve tally marks on his body for every one of his many victims.


Now meet Anthony Carrigan, a talented actor known for his roles in The Forgotten, The Undying, and Over/Under. Based on the various interviews I’ve come across, he seems like a genuinely good guy# (this one with Buzzfeed about his alopecia will make you an immediate fan#) and his career has really taken off in the past few years.


Here he is playing the role of The Mist on the surprisingly plucky TV series The Flash


And here he is killing it as Victor Zsasz on the really-hitting-its-stride Gotham

However, while I couldn’t be happier that Carrigan has found a way to get paid twice by DC, doesn’t that seem a little weird? Having one actor who is so undoubtedly memorable play two different villains in the same, relatively unpopulated DC universe?

I mean, I know casting directors love to recycle actors when it comes to the superhero genre…

  • Ryan Reynolds – Green Lantern/Deadpool
  • Chris Evans – Johnny Storm/Captain America
  • Ben Affleck – Daredevil/Batman
  • Halle Berry – Storm/Catwoman
  • Aaron Taylor-Johnson – Kickass/Quicksilver
  • Nic Cage – Ghostrider/Big Daddy/Superman (sort of)
  • Brandon Routh – Superman/The Atom
  • James Frain – Theo Galavan/Chess (RIP The Cape)
  • Michael Jai White – Spawn/Bronze Tiger
  • Ray Stevenson – The Punisher/Volstagg
  • Shawn Ashmore – Iceman/Leech
  • Idris Elba – Heimdall/Moreau
  • Sam Elliott – Caretaker/General “Thunderbolt” Ross
  • Jon Favreau – Happy Hogan/Foggy Nelson
  • Ben Foster – Angel/Spacker Dave
  • Rila Fukushima – Yukio/Katana
  • Chin Han – Lau/Frank Chen/Councliman Yen
  • Morena Baccarin – Dr. Leslie Thompkins/Copycat
  • Doug Jones – Silver Surfer/Deathbolt
  • Justin Hartley – Aquaman/Green Arrow
  • Falk Hentschel – Hawkman/Whiplash
  • Kelly Hu – Lady Deathstrike/China White
  • Tommy Lee Jones – Two Face/Colonel Chester Phillips
  • Will Yun Lee – Silver Samurai/Kirigi
  • Vinnie Jones – Juggernaut/Brick/Scales (RIP The Cape)
  • James Marsden – Cyclops/Richard White
  • Michael Murphy – Warren Worthington II/Mayor of Gotham
  • Tim Blake Nelson – Moleman/Leader
  • Lucas Gabreel – Lex Luthor/Conner Kent
  • Colin Salmon – Walter Steele/Agent Paul Dudiansky
  • Rebecca Romijn – Mystique/Joan
  • Donal Logue – Mack/Harvey Bullock
  • Ayelet Zurer – Lara Lor-Van/Vanessa Marianna
  • Hugo Weaving – Red Skull/V
  • Terence Stamp – Stick/General Zod

Did I get them all? I think I may have.

Anyways, in past interviews Carrigan has defended living this dual dual-life:

They’re definitely two different characters. Kyle Nimbus is much more of a bruiser and a thug, and a lot angrier. So that was really fun to just cultivate in my body language and in the dialogue. That was really fun to play with. But in a sense Victor is just a much different character. He has different personality traits and different things that make him really, really creepy.

But to quote episode #309 of Arrow, a man cannot live by two names, let alone three.

For Pete(r Parker)’s sake, websites are now speculating this is all leading to some sort of crossover episode, and what would that possibly entail? A cloud that blows knives at people?

While I can only assume Carrigan went out for both roles thinking he had the typical snowball’s chance in hell that all actors have to assume when on auditions, only to then get offered both gigs because both casting directors are smart and wanted to hire him, I just can’t not notice that the same guy is playing two separate villains on two separate shows and premiering them within weeks of one another. Plus, now he’s got Robin Lord Taylor, who is really making The Penguin his own on Gotham, all itchy for a role on The Flash too.#

If it was my call, I’d let The Mist evaporate and continue to sharpen the character of Zsasz.

Carrigan’s already even admitted his personal bias anyway:

Batman was the first thing that I was really drawn to. I remember getting the old school Michael Keaton 1989 Batman and I broke that tape in my VCR, I watched it so many times. Honestly, Batman was the beginning of that for me.

Besides, how could you ever give up playing a character who’s turned “Funkytown” into a death knell?