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The name ‘Gary’ is going extinct. Apparently fewer than 450 boys in the US and only 28 in the UK were named Gary in 2013. Once this ‘news’ broke, every media outlet needing content wrote about it, but no one posited a reason for why ‘Gary’ fell out of favor so quickly. It seems obvious though, right?

It’s all the other Gary’s fault.

After a very scientific survey of asking my fiancee and a few friends on GChat to name celebrities named Gary, these are the men they came up with:

Gary Busey, a professional insane person
Gary Coleman, we all know what everyone is talking about when they talk about him
Gary Dell’Abate, a man whose nickname is Baba Booey
Garry Sheffield, a caught-using-steroids baseball player
Gary Numan, the man responsible for the 80’s earworm “Cars

Not the greatest collection of guests for a dinner party, huh? Our most famous Gary’s have let down Gary’s everywhere by being people that you wouldn’t want to name your kids after.

However, 90-something percent of all respondents admitted that it wasn’t actually any real humans they thought of when they thought of the name ‘Gary’. Instead, they immediately jumped to one of these two fictional characters:

Gary “Jerry” Gergich


Gary Walsh

It might really be Parks and Recreation’s and Veep’s fault we find the name Gary so unappealing!

We’ve always known that popular fictional characters end up causing baby-naming hysteria (see: the prevalence of Jacob and other Twilight-related names a few years ago), but who knew that comedic fall-guys could have the same affect? With great timing comes great responsibility, I guess.

And hey, at least ‘Kramer’ made a comeback after a huge swoon during the Seinfeld years…