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The other day, I was blessed with yet another installment of Jia Tolentino’s Tiny Bitch Tapes playlist series, and like anyone with two ears and a heart, I was immediately sucked in by “Gold” when it first started playing.

How could I not be? Chopped, back-talked vocals over a lazy hip-hop beat? Get out of here with that dangerous combination; it’s deadly every time.

Except 3 minutes and 36 seconds later, I felt like Mugatu. Was I taking crazy pills? There was nothing else to this song but those beautiful 8 bars! Sure there was some girl falsetto whisper-singing in a way that would make Ellie Goulding proud, but the best thing you could say about the verses are that they get you excited for the next time the chorus comes in. You could have put almost anything in those 16 measures.

Which is why someone needs to save this song from itself.

Call it a remix, call it a cover, call it whatever the hell you want, but either get me Vince Staples so he can do the Kendrick-in-“Bad Blood” move# and take this song over or get me someone like Flume who knows how to work with mediocre pop songs. This beat deserves better than the song it’s currently attached to.

Or maybe that’s the whole point…

Besides doing a cover of a universally beloved song outside your genre, one of the best ways for a burgeoning indie pop act to blow up is to get sampled by a hip-hop star. Think about someone like SBTRKT in 2011; he may have had a solid underground fan base, but it wasn’t until a surging Drake went over “Wildfire”# that he jumped to the next echelon. It feels like especially given the cadence of “Gold” that someone, famous or not, is bound to pick it up. And if that was Kiiara’s game all along, you’ve got to tip your cap to her marketing prowess.

Now can someone get me Vince Staples on the line?