Random Nerds is proud to announce that we’ll be sponsoring Comedy Hack Day DC! Not only will our esteemed Editor-in-Chief, Bryce Rudow, be one of the judges this year, but we’ll be giving away a brand new Mario Maker Wii U bundle# to a lucky attendee!

But what exactly is Comedy Hack Day, you ask? Great question.

Comedy Hack Day is a hackathon# put on by Cultivated Wit that pairs up comedians with coders to make apps that are both fun and functional.

Just check out last year’s winner, Got This Thing:

And while most of the world may see tech and comedy as an odd pairing, we at Random Nerds know that hardcore hackers are actually some of the funniest people on the planet:


We also know that Washington DC is home to both a thriving tech industry and a surging comedy scene — not to mention a majority of our staff — so it was only natural that we linked up with the team putting on this very cool event.

If you’re a funny person and/or someone who likes building things and you live in the DC metro area (or you have a car and are very determined), sign up here and join us Friday night, October 23rd at Canvas in Dupont Circle for a night of devving and bevving#.

If, however, you’re just someone who appreciates funny people and/or software, get yourself a ticket and join us the following night, October 24th, at ISL’s office in Shaw to watch the final presentations and scarf down all the great food and beer that will be on hand.

Plus, did I mention we’ll be giving away a brand new Mario Maker Wii U bundle?!?!

Now all those talented people will stop building useful things and start making fun Mario levels for me to play:

Make sure to follow Comedy Hack Day DC on Twitter, and we’ll see you all there.

And please let me know every time Bryce mentions that past judges have included Michael Ian Black and Scott Aukerman, because then he has to put a(nother) dollar in the Humblebrag Jar.
Fellow DC companies, Comedy Hack Day is always looking for more cool sponsors, so heed their cry and make our city look good.