I fully understand that a well-intentioned, uninformed liberal is as dangerous as a well-intentioned, uninformed conservative; if not more so. I also understand that many of CEO Joe’s friends think this site is lefty pinko propaganda.

And, when I take a good look in the digital mirror, I can sort of see where they’re coming from…

In my defense though, until recently, finding time to sift through the daunting haystack of talented but deplorable conservative writers (who don’t mind making only $75/article) for that elusive “small-government, yet socially tolerant” needle has been a Keystone-sized pipe dream. When you’ve got an internet to save from clickbait and evening commutes to rescue#, who really has the time for that much George Will analysis?

However, one benefit of this barn-fire of an election season is that while Donald Trump’s unrelenting flame of ignorance has set that deplorable haystack ablaze with a blistering fervor, it’s also left a few nigh-purified needles shining brighter than ever through the uncharacteristically white smoke. Whether it’s National Review’s “Conservatives Against Trump” manifesto, or Yuval Levin’s appearance on The Ezra Klein Podcast, or the multiple handfuls of conservative newspapers who have swallowed their pride enough to endorse Hillary, the past few months’ various denunciations of He Who Doesn’t Pay Taxes have helped establish an inspiriting new “Us v. Them”# mentality where the “Us” isn’t strictly dependent on which one of two primary colors one feels they look best in, thus opening the door for substantive bipartisan dialogues.

So, being the opportunistic site-runners we are, CEO Joe and I would like to publicly announce a nationwide manpersonhunt for a conservative writer who can balance out my (reasonable) liberalism on the digital pages of Random Nerds!


This person can write about whatever they want, even/especially if it has nothing to do with the election. Go ahead and explain the benefits of the “states as ‘laboratories of democracy'” model, argue free-market economics, help me get people to realize that using the no-fly list to ban access to guns sets a dangerous precedent when it comes to Constitutional rights, or that religious freedom protections can work in tandem with anti-discrimination laws.

See, I told you I was reasonable…

If you or someone you know is the needle we’ve been looking for, let’s exchange information and get to having the kind of well-intentioned, semi-informed discussions America’s scorched throats have been thirsting for!