UPDATE: A winner has been selected!

Hello Random Nerds! Welcome to the latest episode of Weekends with Joe! We have a very special episode today because you, the viewer/reader/whatever you want to call yourself have a decision to make.

I’ve selected one of my rare Amiibos from my personal collection to either be a prize for one lucky commenter or to serve as a message to Nintendo that we’re pissed off about their terrible Amiibo distribution strategy. The fate of this very rare Gold Mario Amiibo is in your hands so choose wisely.

Gold Mario AmiibosmallHere’s what you need to know:

  • Watch the video below
  • If you want this Amiibo to live and possibly find a new home with you, leave a comment on the video (on YouTube, not here)
  • If you are frustrated with Nintendo and want to send them a message by destroying this Amiibo, Like the video
  • Only your first comment will count, so commenting multiple times will have no impact on Mario’s fate nor will it give you a better chance of winning
  • Next week, we will review the results and either choose a winner or send this Amiibo to Super Mario Heaven