Super Smash Bros. 3DS Super Smash Fest Come and Join The Battle!

Bring your “A” game on October 11th and prepare to join the battle because Random Nerds and Street Pass DC are celebrating one of the most anticipated 3DS releases to date… That’s right folks, Super Smash Bros. 3DS will be out in the wild, and this is your chance to smash a friend into another […]

StreetPass DC, IGDA DC, & Random Nerds Presents: Thank You For Playing

This Saturday, StreetPass DC, IGDA DC, and Random Nerds will come together and celebrate StreetPass DC one last time. Not to worry, this does not mean the end of StreetPass or the events that have brought us all together over the years. It marks a new chapter in DC gaming history that starts with the beta […]

Looking Forward To FIFA 15

If you saw when nclud was featured in USA Today for throwing an office World Cup party for the USA-Germany game back in June, you’re probably aware by now that they are football fans. And for that reason, though they’re all still in mourning that the World Cup is over, the gamers within them are already […]

Apple and IBM Partnership Proves that Innovation is Dead at Apple

You might think I was over the moon when I heard about Apple and IBM partnering to bring iOS to enterprise in a more meaningful way. After all, a more serious commitment to enterprise is something I’ve wanted from Apple for a long time now. Heck, I even went as far as to describe the three […]

The World’s Greatest Mario Kart 8 Launch Party & nclud Cup Tournament

Is your body ready? That is, ready for Mario Kart 8 + Music + Cosplay + Booze + Food + Trophies + Music + Prizes + everything else that goes into the most important event ever to take place in our nation’s capital? That’s right folks, Random Nerds and Street Pass DC with the support of nclud, […]