When it comes to staying up to date with what’s going on in the world of Nintendo, my go-to source is always Nintendo Life. After watching Nintendo’s E3 Digital Event yesterday, I immediately pulled up Nintendo Life and clicked on their article about it. And then I scrolled right down to the comments. Because while I may love Nintendo Life‘s writers and their articles, the best way to understand how Nintendo is being received by its core fan base after a big announcement is to read the reactions in those comments section.

Today’s were particularly brutal, and overall, it seems like hardcore fans were disappointed in the event. However, some users did make some good points, so I selected 10 of the most negative yet insightful comments I could find amongst the hundreds of whaling fanboys and fangirls.


peach64 Peach64 said:
Wow. That was worse than even my worst case scenario expectations. Loved the puppet presentation but the content was a huge let down. It was almost all stuff we’d seen before. Zelda and Metroid are two great, single player adventures, but they’re turning them into multiplayer focused games and putting them on the 3DS. A mash up of Paper Mario and Mario and Luigi, again on the 3DS which was my pick of the small bunch, and then a Mario Sports games. I love Mario Sports games but that’s all you have to announce for the Wii U? Don’t get me wrong, I’ll buy and play, and probably enjoy the 4 new games announced here, but… they’re just kind of underwhelming, you know? Good to fill out a schedule, but… wow.

I think they’re done with the console. Zelda WILL come out, but it’s going to a Twilight Princess situation and be an NX launch title.


jakysnakydxjakysnakydx said:
Ive almost lost faith in their abilities to produce. We want a paper mario so they mash it with the one most of society wants to see abolished. We want animal crossing Wii U so they give us a board game? Then metroid… unbelievable. Just go curl up and die.

The three franchises I wanted to see are now guaranteed not to please.


Atlantidas Atlantidas said:
no Zelda u trailer
no real Metroid
no real Animal Crossing
no Pokemon (colloseum/snap/rpg/pokken fighters)
no f-zero/1080/wave race (something)
no donkey kong (that’s ok, but nog diddy kong racing)
no new Golden Sun
no new Pikmin
no Devil’s Third
no retro game
no platinum game (just Star fox… really??)
no Mario Sunshine/Galaxy/world…
no gamecube games
no new IP
Call me disappointed… :(


Wouwter Wouwter said:
I’m so disappointed right now, this was absolutely terrible. Nothing redeeming at all.

Animal Crossing Festival was soul destroying by the way. What in the world are they doing to the Animal Crossing franchise?


ericwithcheese2 ericwithcheese2 said:
The puppet stuff was pretty funny. But everything else was garbage.

The biggest letdown for me was that Animal Crossing Wii U game ending up being a dumb Mario Party knockoff. Very furious about that. It was literally like a huge slap in the face.

Not the Animal Crossing anyone wanted.
Not the Metroid anyone wanted.

What an awful E3. One of the worst ever.


Einherjar Einherjar said:
If I tell you guys how i feel about it at the moment, ill get banned for using inappropriate language.

I just hoping that it was all a joke and they announce a new, hour long direct for the week to blow us all aways…thats basically what keeps me sane at the moment.


OneBagTravel OneBagTravel said:

Nintendo took 3 classic IPs; Zelda, Metroid, and Animal Crossing and created some gimmicky half baked games out of them. Throw in some JRPG teen drama games and a few Mario games no one was looking for and you have Nintendo @ E3 2015. I’m excited about the games we already knew were coming out and StarFox. But everything else? bleh


Am i supposed to be happy? Cos’ guess what, i’m not happy with a home console with one or two great games each year, and nearly dead not even three years after its release…

For three years, i was expecting a Fire Emblem makin’ the best use of the gamepad for all my best strategy moves… for three years i was expecting scanning in Metroid thanks to the gamepad gyros… two very simple GAMEPLAY ideas to give the Wii U some good reasons to even exist…

If after this mess, Nintendo thinks i’m gonna buy their “NX” !!! Well, sorry, but they just got one long-long-time fan out of the game…


Sir_JBizzle Sir_JBizzle said:
@jjmesa16 let’s look at the positives for a sec. At least we didn’t get this level of suckatude ;-)



Kaze_Memaryu Kaze_Memaryu said:
How in hell did this come together?! The start carried a lot of promise with the funny puppet intro, and StarFox Zero, despite the mediocre visuals, looked really fun. And then it went downhill at terminal velocity.

I mean, is this Federation Force bulls**t really what Nintendo considered a worthy revival of the Metroid franchise?! Am I really gonna have to admit that Other M is no longer the worst thing that happened to Metroid???

And the same goes for everything that isn’t Super Mario Maker – nothing but sad jokes and slaps in the face. Animal Crossing goes Mario Party, Paper Mario becomes a gimmick slave for the next Mario & Luigi, Fire Emblem Fates is becoming increasingly japanotypical (in a bad way), FExSMT starts to look really stupid in terms of character design (Chrom is a demon ninja – DAFUQ???), Zelda Triforce Heroes is a wannabe Four Swords, Hyrule Warriors Legends shows that Tecmo Koei never really bothered to utilize the WiiU’s power, and just to ice the f**cking cake, Mario Tennis was deemed important enough for an E3 event – but not FATAL FRAME!!!

Seriously, the only things that weren’t a plain insult to the fanbase were Yoshi’s Wooly World, Star Fox Zero, and Yo-Kai Watch. Period.



While these 10 comments are just a small, cherry-picked sample of some very unhappy fans, I have to say, of the 400+ comments I scrolled through, it was hard to find anyone expressing absolute joy about Nintendo’s E3 showing. Most of the semi-positive comments were calling for fans to be grateful, which is not something gamers are often described as.

Head over to Nintendo Life and check out the article and see the carnage for yourself.