I’m addicted to LEGO Games, but I’m even more addicted to collecting trophies in LEGO Games (that support the PlayStation Trophy system).# I didn’t think it would happen to me, but here I am, writing an article about committing myself (and my spouse) to collecting every trophy in the 18 LEGO themed videogames, which take place in the worlds of Harry Potter, Jurassic World, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Marvel, The Hobbit and many others.

I started this quest a few years ago without realizing what I was doing. At the time I was just looking for some games to play with my wife that we both would enjoy, and the LEGO series seemed like the perfect fit; the stories are funny and entertaining while the gameplay is accessible for someone that is not a hardcore gamer, and as an added benefit, there are always trophies to collect along the way.

Though, once I started scratching that completionist# itch many of us gamers have, I realized I couldn’t stop. Now I must complete every LEGO game and collect every trophy available or die trying.


Our Quest

My wife and I will play every LEGO game to 100% completion and we will get every single Trophy in every LEGO game that uses the Playstation Trophy system on the PS4, PS3, and PS Vita.#

If new LEGO games are released during our quest we’ll add them to the list, and LEGO games that are only available on the PS Vita will be played solo on a PlayStation TV, unless a PS Vita is required.


The LEGO Games
Lego Dimensions - box art

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Our Progress

When I commit to doing something I go all the way, and that usually means I’ll need at least one fancy color-coded spreadsheet. To track our progress, I’ll be using a Google spreadsheet, which is embedded below.

As we progress through each of these games, we’ll mark it on the sheet and move on to the next adventure. We’ll also record short impressions of each game so you yourself can avoid playing through the bad ones (I hear there are a couple).


Trophies and in game achievements were introduced to us by Microsoft’s Xbox 360, which popularized the concept of rewarding players for completing in-game tasks that are either part of the main story, a side quest, or just completely random. Gamers are divided on whether or not trophies and achievements enhance a game or are just a distraction from the core gameplay experience.

I’m in the ‘Trophies are a nice bonus and fun to collect in games you want to get more out of, and if you don’t like them, you can just ignore them’ camp, so I really don’t see what all the fuss is about. Either way, I’m eager to continue my quest and see it through to the end, but most of all I’m happy that I have a huge list of videogames I can play with my wife, which I now can confidently say I’ve successfully turned into a gamer.