What’s your vector, Victor?

Sometimes retro gaming can be too, well, retro.

With hi-res assets being reduced down into pixelated blobs that require a child’s imagination to fill in the gaps, too many retro games forget to make use of the modern hardware they’re operating on.

Thankfully, there’s Juggleware’s Vector-Z Space Ranger.

The perfect shoot ’em up to remind you that being a child in the 80’s was truly rad, Vector-Z strikes the perfect balance between old school and new school, with an aesthetic that provides a blast of nostalgia but also validates your decision to own a device with a Retina HD display. It looks simply gorgeous and it’s backed up by all the analog-synthesized sounds you’d expect from a retro shooter.

Pair it with an iCade, you’ll feel like you’re right back in the arcade pumping quarters into glowing pieces of furniture determined to defend the galaxy from hostile invaders. The only thing you’ll need to complete this experience is a pair of MC Hammer pants and a calculator watch. Totally primo.

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