Will video games ever provide a means to Nirvana? Probably not, but there are many that will feed your soul what it needs to cure what ails you. I personally have a couple of go-to games I use to relax; they help me to forget about the stresses of the world, and they remind me that while life can be a bit overwhelming at times, at least I know there is always a digital world waiting for that was designed to nurture that inner peace inside me.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

This was my first taste of Animal Crossing, as I missed it on both the DS and the Wii. To be honest, at the time I thought I wasn’t missing much, and perhaps that was because I didn’t necessarily “need” what Animal Crossing would offer a gamer like me (at the time). Today, Animal Crossing: New Leaf offers me an escape to the virtual town of “Pugsley,” where I serve as mayor to a variety of very bizarre anthropomorphic# citizens on my 3DS. I spend most of my time digging up fossils, fishing for sharks, or catching exotic beetles to make bells (Animal Crossing currency) so I can fund municipal projects to keep my little animal citizens happy.

kapp'n and me

Kapp’n… A wise turtle…

To experience Animal Crossing properly, you have to let yourself go and forget about any sort of real endgame. The point is to enjoy your quaint little town and experience the quirkiness that is one of Nintendo’s most unique franchises.

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Little Inferno

Y’know that theory about violent/destructive games actually being a healthy outlet for troubled youths? Enter Little Inferno. The entire purpose of this game is to use your toy fireplace, the “Little Inferno,” to burn other toys and random objects all from the comfort of your Wii U GamePad. And I don’t know about you, but I think burning stuff is fun, especially when there aren’t any real world consequences.

The development of Little Inferno was inspired by the opinion that a segment of the gaming industry was entirely devoted to making horrible disposable games that sucked, so the Tomorrow Corporation developed a game they thought would bring this issue to light. Read this Wiki article to get the full story behind the inspiration for Little Inferno.

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Kirby’s Epic Yarn

The Kirby franchise was one party I was late to, but in the last few years I’ve played several, and while I can’t remember which one was my first, I do know that Kirby’s Epic Yarn on the Wii is undoubtably my favorite. Everything about this game makes me feel like a kid again. But more than anything, the level of creativity, skill, and artistry that went into making this beautiful game reminds me that video games are about more than just playing.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn will not fail to put a smile on your face.

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Header Image from the insanely talented deviantART user xavy-027.